Thursday, October 3, 2013

Workshop @ Hochschule Wismar.

Hallo  Master  Architectural Lighting Design.

A new season of lighting is beginning in the blog, I am starting my Master of Architecture in Lighting Design and I will be able to work in different projects at the University, around Germany and Europe.

I had an "Express Workshop" (a 5 days project) and the welcoming to the Master. It was for the University’s Open Air concert, and my team was in charge of the lighting design for the different entrances, improving the lights and giving them sense.

The first and second day, we defined the ideas and the concept to display in the different areas. Then, each team began developing the parts they were assigned.


The keyword in this project was Surprise. We needed to make something to thrill the audience while waiting for the concert.

The project was developed in two stages: one was in the access hallways; on the previous concert, the people complained that it was too dark and they didn’t know where to go; so we decided to create an "orange carpet" to guide the audience. The second was a white box in the middle of the hallway that led to the concert’s stage; the objective of the box was to get the people’s attention to ensure they headed to the area where the concert was going to be held.


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