Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Project 2 LIGHT

In this project, i want to direct the sunshine and artificial light to a tunnel that has holes in different zones.

These holes are intended to simulate a lamp. The tunnel is made of mirrors to reflect the light throughout the room 

To explain the concept of this project, i made a model of my room, in the ceiling I draw a guide where the light would flow and illuminate through the holes.

In the first prototype, the tunnel was made of straight walls and the corners were 45° to allow the continuation of the light´s reflection. Then I used a lamp to simulated the sun movement during the day and a made a chart to show the results.
The main idea is to avoid using artificial lighting during the day and using just one light source during the night, thus saving energy 

I have the theory that if the lateral walls were inclined by 20° -30° on the roof openings, the intensity in the holes would significantly increase, hence enhancing the illumination in the room.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012




Chicago, my inspiration!!
My primary goal in this project is to create a nice place where the memories of my life are reflected in the details. I always use the person´s  happy thought  to create the space.

In this project I am going to represent an important memory. 
As I said, the architecture has a significant place in my life. I love Chicago, so I am going to draw a sketch of this city, the principal idea is to take important buildings and representative places.

This is my sketch. 


Before defining the ideal furniture, we need to do a checklist about of the project's requirements. 


I need to change  wall colors
The curtains are incomplete, so I am going to change them. 
The client wants to change the tile 
She is looking for a place to keep shoes and bags, therefore designing the closet is a priority. 

Wednesday, November 21, 2012



I need to consider the type of furniture that best fit the client's necessities, but always considering the budget. For this case, the client needs a closet to keep some bags, sport pants, and dog toys. Furthermore, we must project a sense of order and neatness.

The next images are some ideas and designs I have been working on:

Create a Tetris puzzle. In this closet you have the freedom to reorder the closet to your needs and tastes, creating a dynamic feeling.

Thursday, November 15, 2012



Always start with yourself, this will be an interesting project, as the bedroom is an essential place for an architect.

This project is a space of 5x4 meters containing a bedroom and a bathroom


Before I start designing, i nedd to analyze the person and the area.


Location: It is important to take note about the sunlight enters the room, and the shadows.

To know more about the person: I like having an interview with her, to have a better idea about her activities  Also, I need to know what her necessities are.

To get a better look of the room: I need to analyze every inch of the room, recollect all the details and, the most important thing, to record every idea that this room inspires on me. 

I need to have some photos and videos.

DiseƱo MBV